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Hey its Eric i have an amazing girlfriend<3 and i love music thats about it! peace!
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Interviewer: Is it true Ryan Ross hooked up with Pete Wentz?

Ryan: Not true, uh…close, though. There was, y’know, drunken nights and escapades that…maybe. But, no. Maybe, maybe in another sense, but, y’know. (x)

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my anxiety gets 700% worse when someone says “can i talk to you”

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Taking a departure from my usual gif caption format here…

  • Get hurt on a illegal cheap shot to the head that wasn’t called
  • Get booed by the opposing crowd for getting hurt (typical Philly)
  • Make a great defensive play shortly afterward and get called for a phantom hooking call
  • Your team kills the ensuing power play
  • You come out of the penalty box and score near instantly, putting the game out of reach
  • You troll the living shit out of the fans

What a sequence of events for Danny Carcillo. Hockey Karma bit the Philly crowd hard.

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Jordin Tootoo gives away his stick (x)

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